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Interested in commissioning a painting?

How to commission - there are four easy steps 

1 deciding on your idea? A portrait of a favourite pet/s or your favourite landscape.  Artwork in watercolour, oil, pastel or graphite? - Not sure?  I can talk with you about your ideas and send you a selection of images of past work to help you decide.

2  providing you with a quote  - this can be dependant on size, composition and medium.  Starting prices from £90.00 for a drawing; over £450 for framed painting.  

3  setting a date to come and take photos  However I can work from your photographs, for example if you are based abroad or if your commission is a surprise gift.

4 setting a deadline - when do you need the artwork done by?  If I am not able to produce the final commission within your timescale, I can always provide a gift card if the artwork is a present for a loved one. 

contact me : or call +44 (0)7785917490 

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